Hi everybody!

I wish all of you a happy 2017!
Hopefully you had a great and healthy start!

We had – in London! Fantastic!
Enjoy a few of our London impressions!

Tech info: I used the NIKON D700 and the Nikkor 24-70/2.8, in some cases with a Formatt ND Grad filter to raise the contrast and avoid a blazing white sky.

Both of us never where in London before and that made it a good trip. Flying by Lufthansa we checked in at the Holiday Inn near the business area and 2 kilometers away  from the Tower Bridge.
Sadly we didn’t get access to the bridge during the new years eve fireworks, but I read about good places to watch in the Daily News. Honestly we didn’t had a plan to watch the fireworks and where to eat, so we made random choices and – lost. Haha. Oh boy, we laughed so hard on our lack of plan. If starting that way into 2017 how should 2017 become and end? We didn’t know and we didn’t care. We had us both and our love. That’s what was important for us.

First and most important thing to do when arriving is to go to the super market and get some chips and Pepsi. Next is to get a delicious meal. The first evening we ate at an Indian restaurant – the Lahore One. Simple and authentic restaurant serving very tasty food!

On Friday we went cultural, visiting the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Photographers Gallery. The city was in a real hurry and when we entered Harrods I had enough for that day. Haha. We were the poor and exhausted ones and decided to have a good burger and live music at The Blues Kitchen. Luckily no table was free, we had to sit on the bar and here we met two barkeepers who both had worked in Germany for a while. I like it when people telling stories of their lives.

Well, on Saturday we started the day with a delicious breakfast and a guided city tour. I really love to explore places on my own, but if you don’t have that much time you better make a guided tour. And it was a interesting and funny tour. Our guide Barbara studied history and knew a lot and she knew how to tell stories in a mesmerizing way. Barbara also timed everything well so we were able to watch the changing of the guards in front of the Buckingham Palace.


New years eve came near and while taking a rest at the hotel we planned from where to watch the fireworks and where to eat. As I said, the places were random choices. So we ended up eating a better kebab in a Turkish restaurant. Really good and a very crowded place. A black family celebrated a birthday there and also Turkish people were celebrating and many other nations. It felt so good to know that there are places on earth where many nationalities and religions can have a meal together without hating each other.

The best spot to watch the fireworks in London is Greenwich Park/Hill – NOT! Haha! The police locked the park and on Greenwich Hill there were so many trees that we couldn’t really see anything. 7 minutes before midnight we decided to walk down to the River Thames. That was a better spot, but still too low and too far away to see the fireworks well. In general it seemed that London didn’t had that much fireworks going on. Disappointing.

While on our way back to the hotel we met a few guys celebrating in the Overground. Sadly we were too tired to follow their invitation to come with them to celebrate in the 29th floor.

Sunday was our last day and we made a last sightseeing visiting the Tower Bridge. And when the rain started we had a rest and meal at a quaint  restaurant, the Barrowboy and Banker’s having a typically British meal.

It still rained when we entered Heathrow Airport, but we were lucky it hadn’t rained the days before during our stay. With one hour delay our plane arrived at Frankfurt Airport and a icy weather welcomed us back home. 😉

What about your start into 2017?
Where have you celebrated and how?