Car Shoot

Hi there,

My cousin Anna will get her drivers license soon and she will also get a car – the Mini Cooper of her mother. Well, I want to shoot her with her first car. Something like an Need For Speed Underground thing or so. However, the problem is: I don’t know anything about lighting cars or car scenes. So, this is a good example for my slogan: “Striving for the better picture everyday.”
I drove into the field this evening and tried to shoot my own car. Because I don’t know anything about shooting cars, I surfed on websites of professional car commercial photographers to get an imagination about angle, setup, lighting etc. Everyone knows that typical car ads in magazines or on billboards etc. Pretty cool stuff, isn’t it? Dramatic sky, motion, clean car, great lighting etc. Awesome shots.

So, I used my whole knowledge about lighting from sports and portraiture and just gave it a try.

All I know was, that I need very soft light and that it must come from an angle that doesn’t cause reflections on the car. Therefor I would have to spread and soften the light as much as possible but not too much so that I would still have a high quality of light. Phew! Hard conditions. Anyway, I tried it with a diffuser. It was much too small but I’ll use a larger one the next time.
Because one light source is almost not enough to light the car effectively I would need a bunch of them. Another option would be to wait for less available light so a few flashes would spend enough light (quality). Well, there a many other ways. Here I used three flashes only. Another thing is that it’s better not to light the whole car but generate some shadows to create an interesting image with drama etc. Here I lit the whole car so that there are no contours and shadows but just a white dull surface.

Finally, my session ended in results like the following image. I think I’m on a good way but not on the royal road. Maybe there is really no way around Photoshop?! I don’t think so …

If you have any tips – let me know!
If you have a cool car that you want to be shot – also let me know!