Viking style wedding ahead!

Yeah, I’m gettin’ ready for an upcoming wedding in the Augsburg and Munich area, Bavaria on Saturday – which will be a Viking style wedding! I’m pretty excited about that because it’ll be my first time Viking wedding!

Fortunately my new NIKON Nikkor AF-S 28/1.8 lens arrived today. I’m pretty impressed by this small lightweight plastic China lens by Nikon! It’s pretty sharp for a cheap consumer lens (read Ryan Brenizer’s review on that lens here).  I’ll use it for dance floor shots and tight action shots on Saturday. So stay tuned for the results.

Hopefully I’ll be able to present you a few impressions of Elena’s & Andy’s wedding from last Saturday during the next week.

More to come …

Upcoming Weddings

Hi there!

Wouhou, it’s wedding season! I love it! So much interaction with great people and a bunch to organize, plan, arrange and shoot.


AUGUST: Elena & Andreas

In August I will cover the wedding of Elena and Andreas at their hometown Bad Salzschlirf which is a cozy health resort near Fulda, Germany.

They chose a great venue – the Hotel Badehof in Bad Salzschlirf which has a really awesome interior.

Hotel Badehof

We already made the engagement shooting in April which was fun and promised to result in a happy wedding day. Last arrangements and plannings are running at full blast and the eve-of-wedding party is just a few weeks ahead. Seems to be a “mords Gaudi”! 🙂


SEPTEMBER: Mara & Matthias

Mara and Matthias I met a few weeks ago. A really harmonic couple that has great ideas for their wedding day. They will be engaged in September.
I believe that the upcoming engagement shoot in the end of July will be gorgeous followed by an awesome wedding day!
Mara and Matthias will celebrate their wedding at two places – while the ceremony will take place in the church of Bad Salzschlirf, the reception will be in the Maritim hotel in Fulda – which is an awesome place for such an event.

Maritim Hotel, Fulda ©

More to come soon.

Back Home and A New Face

Hi and welcome back with a new website design!

Well, first of all: I moved back from Munich to Alsfeld on my beloved countryside home.
And second: My website has a new design. It isn’t that elegant like the old Flash one, but in terms of displaying it on mobile and Apple devices, it’s some kind of a “better” solution. I will  beef up this website step by step because this is just a first version as my focus lies on content accessibility first.
Anyway, I’m glad to be back home on the countryside – far away from busy big cities. Time to refresh and focus on new projects and life itself.

A short outlook on the 2nd half of this year: Weddings!
I’m really excited, 2015 is a real wedding year! I’m really glad about that because weddings are my new focus. Why? well, I love interaction with people and capturing a precise moment that transfers emotion. It’s easy like that. Weddings also enhance your creativity and awareness. And it’s about planning, organizing and coordinating. Pretty cool!

More to come soon.

Wow, suddenly they are using flash!

Hi and welcome to this short blog post about the current sports photography circumstances in Alsfeld.

When I opened the local newspaper’s sports section yesterday (and today) I was pretty surprised. A local sports photographer used flash for an indoor football game coverage! It’s interesting that after the publication of my strobed indoor sports photos other local sports photographers suddenly use flash, too.

This shot is a nice try in terms of using flash, but it’s still a simple straight on camera flash that – in all probability – disturbs the players, causes cast shadows, red eyes (see the goalkeeper), a flat 2D impression and no kind of dramatic. Of cause, this flash reveals the players and enables a faster shutter speed, but it’s just an unfavorable type of flash – it’s a straight flash. However, this photographer still made a good start to get better images in dark gyms. It’s really necessary to rise the level of the picture quality in our local newspaper – especially in the sports section.

Nevertheless let’s have a look at a shot that was made by using a professional off camera flash technique.

As you can see, this shot doesn’t show any cast shadows of the players. It’s kind of 3D because I was using two strobes that also helped to create a dramatic light. The visitors in the background are primarily lit by the available light and the players by the flash light. Because the flash light comes from the ceiling and is mixed with the ambient light, it doesn’t disturb the players.

Seems like my sports images and my way of lighting causes a new understanding of quality in local sports photography.  Would be nice to see more sports images of good quality in our local newspaper. 🙂


Next Blog Post: Sunday the 27th

Hi everybody!

If you’re missing the latest blog post from last Sunday – sorry for that.
There will be an extracurricular post on Sunday the 27th.

But I still want to give you some photo input.
I found that fantastic page on the Internet which deals with the past and that is pretty cool to refresh your memories or to make a time journey:


Have fun and a great and successful week!
See you next Sunday!