Upcoming Weddings

Hi there!

Wouhou, it’s wedding season! I love it! So much interaction with great people and a bunch to organize, plan, arrange and shoot.


AUGUST: Elena & Andreas

In August I will cover the wedding of Elena and Andreas at their hometown Bad Salzschlirf which is a cozy health resort near Fulda, Germany.

They chose a great venue – the Hotel Badehof in Bad Salzschlirf which has a really awesome interior.

Hotel Badehof

We already made the engagement shooting in April which was fun and promised to result in a happy wedding day. Last arrangements and plannings are running at full blast and the eve-of-wedding party is just a few weeks ahead. Seems to be a “mords Gaudi”! 🙂


SEPTEMBER: Mara & Matthias

Mara and Matthias I met a few weeks ago. A really harmonic couple that has great ideas for their wedding day. They will be engaged in September.
I believe that the upcoming engagement shoot in the end of July will be gorgeous followed by an awesome wedding day!
Mara and Matthias will celebrate their wedding at two places – while the ceremony will take place in the church of Bad Salzschlirf, the reception will be in the Maritim hotel in Fulda – which is an awesome place for such an event.

Maritim Hotel, Fulda ©holidaycheck.com

More to come soon.

The At Eaze Band Shooting

Hi an welcome to my last blog post from Germany for the next four weeks!

Before my plane takes off in a few hours I just wanted to post some images from last weeks band shoot with AT EAZE.
As I said, the shooting was in an old farm house and I used a Nikon SB-800 setup only.
A great thing was to simulate a sunset with warming gels by shooting the flash through the windows. I love that technique.
We had a lot of fun creating these promo shots.

So here are a few ones …

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Next time I will post the first impressions from my USA trip, hopefully. 🙂


Engagement Shooting

Engagement: Jessi & Timo 27/11/2011

Hi and welcome to another blog post!

Because I have a lot to do at the moment and there will be lots of work in the upcoming months, I am going to post job and project reviews on a monthly basis from now on. But there will also be several other “news posts” from time to time.

However, last Sunday I had an Engagement Shoot and I was pretty excited about this job. Timo an ex-classmate at the university and his soon-to-be-wife Jessica facebooked me a few days ago and asked me to take some images for their invitation card. I agreed and that was my first step into this.

Although I love to interact and communicate with people it is also always a challenge to establish a great shooting atmosphere and a comfortable feeling for the client and anyone who is involved in the shoot.

Therefore it needs some preparation in terms of finding out the clients interests, searching for great locations and suggesting them to the client, offering a perfect service, being kind and having an open mind for the clients suggestions/ideas etc. These are just a few ingredients that slip into the whole process of planning a shoot.

On the other hand there is the technically and artistically aspect like: Which lens to use? Which style fits the best? How will the light quality be? Is a flash necessary or a reflector? Do I need an assistant? How should the light setup be?

If you decide to do the whole job without an assistant and to take available light shots only that means you will save a lot of time and effort. But will the quality be that good like when you press every button? I don’t think so. That’s the reason why I am always trying to do everything possible.

During the week I thought about the shoot and what to prepare for it. They wanted the pictures to be taken in the nature. So, I made a walk through the field and wood behind our house, on Friday. I looked for nice places and found some like a meadow with an old construction trailer in front of the wood, a colorful forest path with leaves on it, another meadow on the forest edge with a deerstand and a moss-grown place in the pinewood. I took several shots of these places and send them to Timo and Jessica. Finally, on Sunday we took the pictures at the places they liked most.

For this shoot I decided to used super telephoto lenses (300mm and 600mm) and flash. I pursued the goal not to disturb the couple as much as it would be necessary to get an authentic shot plus I wanted to shoot from an observer angle. The long focal length and wide aperture should help to soften the background and turn it into a pleasant background from which the subject sharply dispatches.

My assistant Freda assisted me with the flash and helped to establish a relaxed atmosphere. Although it was cold and windy on that day everyone had fun. Timo, Jessica and Freda were cold and I sweat under the pressure to create the best images possible. 🙂

Lighting the cosy scene

The bright and clean style makes the image alive

Shooting from far away with a long focal length letting them act as natural as if they were absolutely on their own – no disturbing shutter click and instructions from the photographer

A long focal length and a wide aperture softens and reveals the subject from the background and helps to concentrate on the essentials

Reflecting memorable moments of a wonderful relationship

Well, this was a fantastic day with Timo and Jessica for Freda and me. We learned a lot and this was just the beginning of taking Engagement Shoots! 🙂

Thanks a lot and have a great time!