What’s up?

Hi and welcome to this short blog entry.

For the ones who are awaiting the 2nd in depth wedding post – I will publish it later this year.

But here are the latest news and projects.

#1: USA Trip
At the moment I’m planning my journey to the USA. I will stay there for four weeks and traveling from Seattle, WA across San Francisco, CA and Yosemite National Park, CA to Los Angeles, CA. I’m very excited because it is my first USA visit. 🙂 It will be hilarious – I’m sure.
I will write about the journey and post the greatest images in this blog from August 27th to September 24th.

If you are living in these areas just let me know – maybe we can meet up for some photo talk and shots. Would be great.

#2: Another great reference
This summer DUDEN released its new physics schoolbook called “Physik Na klar!” On page 152 you will find my motocross action image. This image was shot in April 2011 at the Feldatal motocross race track, Hesse, Germany.

My motocross action image on page 152 of  “Physik Na klar!” – DUDEN /Cornelsen Schulbuchverlag, Berlin

#3: A Band Shoot
There will be a band shoot during the upcoming weeks wit At Eaze. The shoot will be in an uninhabited German farmhouse. A really interesting location. The last time I shot At Eaze here was in 2009. Back then I had to use halogen headlamps because I had no portable strobe solution.

At Eaze, 2009

This time I will use the Nikon infrared system with Speedlights like I do for all of my shootings nowadays.

So far.


A 2nd Shooter Wedding Reportage

Hi and welcome to another Blog post!

This time it is about being a 2nd Shooter at a wedding reportage.

This was my first wedding reportage as a 2nd Shooter and it was absolutely exciting. Maybe you are asking yourself what the advantages of being a 2nd Shooter are. Well, there are lots: You gain experience of how you have to organize your reportage, how to handle time and communication with those who are involved or just to get an imagination of a wedding procedure, you also can assist and learn how to take portraits and group photos and you can give it a try to shoot a wedding without any stress and obligation – just shoot for yourself and get a feeling of shooting weddings and learn from the 1st Shooter. That is the sense of being a 2nd Shooter: Learn from the best.

In my case, I was an assistant of Kae Hall. Kae is a professional wedding photographer and she has a modern bright, clean and timeless shooting style. To me it was a pleasure to spent one day with her as a 2nd Shooter. Thanks Kae, I learned a lot about shooting weddings on that day!

Preparing the reportage

It was a 6 hour reportage that covered four parts:

#1: The preparation of the bride and the groom
#2: The ceremony
#3: The celebration location
#4: Bridal couple and group photos
The day before I packed my camera bag with the following gear:

–          Nikon D3
–          Nikon D200 (Backup, Remote)
–          11-16/2.8
–          24-70/2.8
–          70-200/2.8
–          2x TC
–          Nikon SB-800 Speedlights
–          Gels
–          ND-Grad-Filter

I would say that this is the standard equipment for any reportage I do.
The Speedlights help me to get a clean and professional looking image quality. I always like to interconnect two Speedlights for better light quality and also half the recycle time.  The ND-Grad-Filter helps me to get rich in contrast when it is impossible to use Speedlights. Finally, gels give me the opportunity to stylize an image in terms of color. For example, a CTO helps me to create a warm light instead of a typical cool flashlight of 5000K.

On the next day I drove to Kae’s studio which is located in Alsfeld. Before we hit the road we get over the arrangement table that shows all stations that we would have to pass on that day.

#1: The preparation of the bride and the groom

At first we arrived at the bride to shoot the preparations.
As a male shooter you have to be very sensible here because there are moments where you should better leave the room – for example when the bride gets dressed. I tell you that because maybe you are pore over your shooting so you would not recognize such moments. This would reflect discredit on you as a great photographer.

So, here are some shots from the bridal preparations. For every station there is set a certain time that is available to get all images that are needed. If there is time left you can use it for some more experimental stuff.

(Notice that every image I took is from the 2nd Shooter view! This perspective is very passive. The 1st Shooter perspective would be much more “active”.)

Preparing the bride

In the image above I tried to give an overview of the preparation and to capture some emotions. You can see the bride’s dress in the background on the far left. In the foreground the make-up artist who concentrates on making up the bride well and the bride herself who seems to be engrossed in thought.

The bride’s dress in detail

Always use the natural available light. If there is a curtain in front of the window like here, it is your lucky day! Use it as a diffuser to create a very soft light. Here it creates a dreamy atmosphere in combination with the transparent and milky cloth of the dress.

The bride surrounded by her bridesmates

Preparing the bride

These are nice shots of the bridesmates that help the bride with her dress. For those I used a 11-16/2.8 to get an overview of the scenery in this small room. To push the light quality I used a Speedlight with a dome diffuser and a WB of 5000K to create a daylight quality. I bounced the light off the ceiling.

After shooting the preparation of the bride we drove to the next station the preparation of the groom.

Preparing the groom

Finally, it is important to give an overview of the location in the beginning and than go into detail. Take images of the preparation and always look out for some interesting details and if there is some time left try some experimental stuff. You can also arrange some of your photos – just ask for permission to put the scenery in proper light.

#2: The ceremony

After the preparations we went to the church in a village nearby. It is important to arrive there before the bridal couple does. When you arrive, also take an overview image of the location/church. Maybe you can shoot the arrival of the bride in a special car or something like that.

The arrival of the bridal couple

I made this image before the bridal couple entered the church. Here you can easily capture great emotions of both.
For this image I used the ND-Grad-Filter to darken the sky to accentuate the drama of the moment – “The big step”.

The ceremony

During the ceremony it maybe not allowed to take pictures all the time, but only at special moments. Sometimes you also may not have the go to shoot in front of the altar. For these situations I like to rig up a remote camera. Here it was not possible to install one so we had to shoot from the far end of the church. To get closer I used the 70-200/2.8 plus a 2x TC. That extended the focal length to a maximum of 400/5.6. I activated the VR and set an ISO of 5000 for this image.

Potential remote camera view in front of the altar

This is an example for a potential remote camera view in front of the altar when it is impossible to get there on yourself because of disturbing the ceremony too much.

After the ceremony

After the ceremony the tension falls off the bridal couple and it is time to celebrate. Right after the marriage there will be also the congratulation which is very hard to capture because of the hubbub. It is impossible to capture every congratulation to the bridal couple so concentrate on the most important persons only.

#3: The celebration location

After the church marriage the next station was the ceremony location.
Capture the arrival of the bridal couple and take an overview image of the location. Important happenings here are the oration(s), the first cut of the cake and so on. Just watch out for great moments and details.

The ceremony location

Cutting the cake

#4: Bridal couple and group photos

Finally, we proceeded to the couple and group shots.
Here it is important to find an interesting and easy positioning. You should prepare this before the shot so you surely know how the image should look in the end.

The bridal couple

It is also good to make a final shot that closes the reportage in a nice way. Therefor I used the following shot where everyone flew heart-shaped balloons and attached the best wishes to them.

Best wishes

Well, that is it. My first wedding reportage as a 2nd Shooter. It was a lot of fun and I am very excited of my own upcoming wedding reportage as a 1st shooter in July. 🙂

Hope this was fun to read and you got an impression of shooting a wedding. I really hope so.


Projects for 2012

Hi and welcome to this blog post in February!

Well, everything’s just fine now. On the 23rd I will graduate in General Management Bachelor of Arts. After that I will have a lot of time to realize some great photography projects. =)

So, here are this years topics:

Wedding. Yes, I was so fascinated by that Engagement Shot in November that I want to learn more about it. I don’t know if it will be successful, but I plan to be part of Weddings as a second shooter. Finally, that summer I will cover the wedding of my friends Timo and Jessica near Hamburg, DE. That will be fantastic. I am VERY excited and you will be able to read about the whole job here in my blog.

Nature. Of course, nature again this year because of the spectacular Ospreys at the reservoir. This time I will shoot them from the middle of the lake using strobes in a decent way.  That means to expand much effort because of the whole strobe arrangement, the boat, the permissions etc., but I am sure it will be worth it get outstanding images.

Cars. The continuation of my commercial-like car shoots. In spring I will shoot a Nissan Skyline, for example. There will be several more cars, but this one will be a more prominent one. That means to find a cool location that underlines the character of the car and creates a special mood.

Smartphone Camera. This will be fun. I want to know if it’s possible to take (more or less) professional photos with a smartphone camera and the built in or an external flash. I just want to show how you can take better images with your smartphone camera.

Sports. Yeah, sports will be also a topic of 2012. I will shoot some more “exotic” sports this year and tell you something about the light arrangement etc.


Well, that’s all for the moment. I don’t know how the order of the topics will be – we will see.

I hope you will find a topic that you are interested in. I am sure there will be more topics for 2012, but those are the big ones.

See you in March!