Impressions of a Costa Brava Holiday – October 2016

Whooo, we’re back from Pineda de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain! Got some wonderful impressions of that area.
All images were shot with the crappy 1984 Nikon Nikkor 35-70, f/3.3-4.5 AI-S – although this lens is crap, it made good retro images in combination with my Nikon D700 and no one cared about it – perfect for travelling! 🙂

But back to our holidays: Julia and me had one week chill out at the beach with cosy temperatures around 25 °C, visiting cities, cycling and running, eating well, enjoying spa and being happy to relax and having fun. We stayed in Pineda de Mar at a hotel with the beach nearby. The railroad line separated the beach from the city. This railroad line along the coast really has its charm when travelling to Barcelona. You’re lucky if you can get a window seat and have a camera! The trip takes around one hour and that’s a lot of time to take experimental images out of the train’s window. 😉

Okay, less talk, more images. Well, here are a few impressions for you.


On our way to the Airport FRA


Cycling along the Coast using Google Maps. 🙂


Blanes Castle




Cycling along the Coast, Pineda de Mar

Botanic Garden, Blanes

Botanic Garden, Blanes

Botanic Garden, Blanes

Botanic Garden, Blanes


Aloe Vera, Botanic Garden, Blanes

dsc_6200 dsc_6202


Relaxing at the Coast, Blanes


A short Rest at the Beach, Blanes to Pineda de Mar



Great architecture along the coast:dsc_6264 dsc_6265 dsc_6267 dsc_6269



Railroad Line, Pineda de Mar


On a Train to Barcelona


Rev up, On a Train to Barcelona

Sunset Beach. I really missed the surfers and wished to be at Huntington Beach, California that moment. 😉dsc_6272dsc_6276 dsc_6292


Impressions of Barcelonadsc_6374 dsc_6377 dsc_6380 dsc_6382 dsc_6386 dsc_6389 dsc_6390 dsc_6398 dsc_6400 dsc_6403 dsc_6410 dsc_6415 dsc_6418 dsc_6422 dsc_6427Unbelievable rush here! We didn’t understand the importance to visit the Familia Sagrada. 😛

dsc_6431 dsc_6433 dsc_6444That was worth 1,5 hours hiking! Barcelona overlook – Bunkers del Carmel.

dsc_6448 dsc_6453 dsc_6456 dsc_6466

On our way back to the hotel at Pineda de Mar:
dsc_6479 dsc_6483

Getting ready for our way back home. Really hard to pack after that short trip and nice impressions of this part of Spain as seeing cultural stuff, exploring different cities and areas per pedes and bike as running along the coast, laying on the beach and having great breakfast and diner at the hotel.

dsc_6491 dsc_6494

Hotel LED-TV View

Thanks Spain, was nice to be here again!