Engagement Shooting Sabine & Marco, Fulda

Engagement: Sabine & Marco 05/06/2016

Hallo zusammen,

der Winter neigt sich dem Ende zu, aber wartet dieser Tage doch noch mal auf. Doch ich bin zuversichtlich, dass es bald schon wieder wärmer werden wird. Die Vöglein bei mir hinterm Haus in ländlicher Idylle sind erste Vorboten.
Bis demnächst endlich wieder wärmere Temperaturen, warme Sonnenstrahlen und die ersten diesjährigen Shootings vor der Tür stehen, habe ich hier zur Einstimmung das Engagement-Shooting von Sabine und Marco aus dem Sommer 2016 für euch.

Das Shooting fand relativ spontan statt und das mag ich ganz gerne, weil man etwas mehr improvisieren muss – auch, wenn man bereits die Ideen parat hat. Die Location war nämlich auch ganz spontan und die gleißende Sonne ebenso. ^^ Für solche Fälle hab ich immer meine NIKON Speedlights dabei. Vier NIKON SB-800 an der Zahl. Bei diesen Aufnahmen genügten mir allerdings bereits zwei SB-800. Zur Erweiterung der Reichweite und, weil die starke Sonneneinstrahlung das Infrarotsignal zum Auslösen und Ansteuern der Blitze beeinträchtigt, habe ich das Radio Popper PX System verwendet. Dieses System wandelt das Infrarotsignal in ein ISM-Funksignal um. Dadurch kann ich die SB-800, wenn ich mag, aus bis zu 500m Entfernung auslösen. Als Lichtformer hab ich hier entweder die SB-800-Aufsteckdiffusoren oder die Lastolite Joe McNally Ezybox Speedlite eingesetzt.

Sabine und Marco waren an diesem Tag im Juni bester Laune und hatten spontan tolle Ideen, die wir dann auch Stück für Stück umgesetzt haben. Es ist immer klasse, wenn das Pärchen schon Ideen mitbringt und ich nur noch leicht optimieren muss. Die beiden waren super locker vor der Kamera, was die Arbeit absolut angenehm machte. Das spricht dann am Ende auch für die prima Aufnahmen. 🙂

Aber seht selbst.

Danke Sabine und Marco für dieses geniale Engagement-Shooting!

Engagement-Shooting Sabine & Marco Engagement-Shooting Sabine & Marco Engagement-Shooting Sabine & Marco Engagement-Shooting Sabine & Marco Engagement-Shooting Sabine & Marco Engagement-Shooting Sabine & Marco

Engagement Shooting – Johanna & Sebastian in Altenburg

Engagement: Johanna & Sebastian

Hi everyone! Hopefully you had a great 2016 so far.
Wedding season is coming soon. Therefore I started with Engagement Shootings and
this Engagement featuring Johanna and Sebastian was a special one.
Because Sebastian is an old school mate and when he and his girlfriend decided to get married this year, he gave me a call. That was the moment we got in touch again after 10 years or so.
How awesome is that? Someone remembers you – that photo guy from old school days more than 10 years ago. Haha. Pretty cool!

So here we go with a few impressions of Johanna’s and Sebastian’s Engagement Shooting in March. They chose a nice location in Altenburg. While it was a cold day and icy evening, we had a lot of fun and a lovely spirit was in the air.
Hardly can wait for their upcoming wedding next month.

Engagement Shooting – Johanna & Sebastian in Altenburg Engagement Shooting – Johanna & Sebastian in Altenburg Engagement Shooting – Johanna & Sebastian in Altenburg


Engagement Shooting

Engagement: Jessi & Timo 27/11/2011

Hi and welcome to another blog post!

Because I have a lot to do at the moment and there will be lots of work in the upcoming months, I am going to post job and project reviews on a monthly basis from now on. But there will also be several other “news posts” from time to time.

However, last Sunday I had an Engagement Shoot and I was pretty excited about this job. Timo an ex-classmate at the university and his soon-to-be-wife Jessica facebooked me a few days ago and asked me to take some images for their invitation card. I agreed and that was my first step into this.

Although I love to interact and communicate with people it is also always a challenge to establish a great shooting atmosphere and a comfortable feeling for the client and anyone who is involved in the shoot.

Therefore it needs some preparation in terms of finding out the clients interests, searching for great locations and suggesting them to the client, offering a perfect service, being kind and having an open mind for the clients suggestions/ideas etc. These are just a few ingredients that slip into the whole process of planning a shoot.

On the other hand there is the technically and artistically aspect like: Which lens to use? Which style fits the best? How will the light quality be? Is a flash necessary or a reflector? Do I need an assistant? How should the light setup be?

If you decide to do the whole job without an assistant and to take available light shots only that means you will save a lot of time and effort. But will the quality be that good like when you press every button? I don’t think so. That’s the reason why I am always trying to do everything possible.

During the week I thought about the shoot and what to prepare for it. They wanted the pictures to be taken in the nature. So, I made a walk through the field and wood behind our house, on Friday. I looked for nice places and found some like a meadow with an old construction trailer in front of the wood, a colorful forest path with leaves on it, another meadow on the forest edge with a deerstand and a moss-grown place in the pinewood. I took several shots of these places and send them to Timo and Jessica. Finally, on Sunday we took the pictures at the places they liked most.

For this shoot I decided to used super telephoto lenses (300mm and 600mm) and flash. I pursued the goal not to disturb the couple as much as it would be necessary to get an authentic shot plus I wanted to shoot from an observer angle. The long focal length and wide aperture should help to soften the background and turn it into a pleasant background from which the subject sharply dispatches.

My assistant Freda assisted me with the flash and helped to establish a relaxed atmosphere. Although it was cold and windy on that day everyone had fun. Timo, Jessica and Freda were cold and I sweat under the pressure to create the best images possible. 🙂

Lighting the cosy scene

The bright and clean style makes the image alive

Shooting from far away with a long focal length letting them act as natural as if they were absolutely on their own – no disturbing shutter click and instructions from the photographer

A long focal length and a wide aperture softens and reveals the subject from the background and helps to concentrate on the essentials

Reflecting memorable moments of a wonderful relationship

Well, this was a fantastic day with Timo and Jessica for Freda and me. We learned a lot and this was just the beginning of taking Engagement Shoots! 🙂

Thanks a lot and have a great time!