Wedding: Mara & Matthias – 26/09/2015

Fulda is a nice baroque town in the east of Hesse which indicates a noble place for a wedding.
Matthia’s and Mara’s wedding was like that and fun to me. The atmosphere, peopleΒ  and location were just great! Thank you!

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Matthias smiled at me when I met him at the entrance to the Schlossgarten waiting for his soon-to-be-wife Mara. There were other wedding shootings going on that day and each photographer had a bigger setup than the other. I decided to keep it simple to create high-class images – Nikon Speedlights, RadioPoppers, a Lastolite softbox, my Nikon D3 and Nikon lenses from 24 mm to 600 mm.
The Schlossgarten was a killer background I really wished for for a wedding shoot and there it was in combination with that harmonic and lovely bridal couple! “Hold on! Please act here an be yourself. Keep in mind: “There is NO photographer and no one around – there’s just you both.” Fantastic! That’s how everyone feels comfortable. πŸ™‚
Wedding: Mara & Matthias Wedding: Mara & Matthias


Later, Matthias had a surprise: He booked a classic car an old Bentley that should park in front of the Maritim Orangerie. As you can see, Mara liked this idea, too. πŸ™‚Wedding: Mara & Matthias

After taking the images at the Schlossgarten in Fulda it was time to drive to Bad Salzschlirf for the ceremony. Yes, it’s the town where Elena and Andreas had their wedding earlier this year – home match! I was glad to hear from the priest himself that he really appreciated my thoughtful acting during their ceremony. I enjoyed the speech that always tells so much about your clients that helps you to create even more emotional photos on that day. Wedding: Mara & Matthias

After the ceremony: Back to Fulda! The city was full that day and a big traffic jam took me 30 minutes extra to get to the Maritim hotel where cocktail hour, reception and party should be. As always I make an image of the room before setting up the lights. Yeah, the “Yellow Ballroom” was noble! That’s what I expected after the Bentley shot. πŸ™‚ Wedding: Mara & Matthias
Congratulations! Their first dance. Wedding: Mara & Matthias

Let’s celebrate! Here comes the wedding-cake!Wedding: Mara & MatthiasWhat a wonderful wedding, I loved it!
Thanks Mara & Matthias!