Projects for 2012

Hi and welcome to this blog post in February!

Well, everything’s just fine now. On the 23rd I will graduate in General Management Bachelor of Arts. After that I will have a lot of time to realize some great photography projects. =)

So, here are this years topics:

Wedding. Yes, I was so fascinated by that Engagement Shot in November that I want to learn more about it. I don’t know if it will be successful, but I plan to be part of Weddings as a second shooter. Finally, that summer I will cover the wedding of my friends Timo and Jessica near Hamburg, DE. That will be fantastic. I am VERY excited and you will be able to read about the whole job here in my blog.

Nature. Of course, nature again this year because of the spectacular Ospreys at the reservoir. This time I will shoot them from the middle of the lake using strobes in a decent way.  That means to expand much effort because of the whole strobe arrangement, the boat, the permissions etc., but I am sure it will be worth it get outstanding images.

Cars. The continuation of my commercial-like car shoots. In spring I will shoot a Nissan Skyline, for example. There will be several more cars, but this one will be a more prominent one. That means to find a cool location that underlines the character of the car and creates a special mood.

Smartphone Camera. This will be fun. I want to know if it’s possible to take (more or less) professional photos with a smartphone camera and the built in or an external flash. I just want to show how you can take better images with your smartphone camera.

Sports. Yeah, sports will be also a topic of 2012. I will shoot some more “exotic” sports this year and tell you something about the light arrangement etc.


Well, that’s all for the moment. I don’t know how the order of the topics will be – we will see.

I hope you will find a topic that you are interested in. I am sure there will be more topics for 2012, but those are the big ones.

See you in March!