Hi and welcome to my personal year 2017 review!

To me 2017 was a year that started pretty nice, but then included more and more dramatic aspects. What annoys me extremely is the current German Angst that infects more and more people here in Germany. I really cannot and won’t accept hate, disgrace and persecution of foreigners and humans who came here to escape from the war in their countries. I mean, we are one of the richest countries and we are healthy and not willing and able to share our wealth with those in need. Instead of that we are screaming “MINE, MINE, MINE!”. That’s so sad. I nearly completely lost my trust in humanity during this year. Ozzy Osbourne sang: “Without each other’s help there ain’t no hope for us.” and we all should think about it, think about helping each other to establish this world community aiming for world peace. But I’m pretty sure humanity won’t reach this goal during it’s existence. Those are dark thoughts these days, but what we can do is to concentrate on what our strengths are, not what our weaknesses are. So please leave those ones behind who don’t understanding the complexity of nowadays and who think they have an easy solution that ends in hate and protectionism – those are wrong and those haven’t learnt from our cruel downfalls in history.ย  Be smart, don’t get infected by them. That’s my appeal for 2018.

But what the private review differs from the reviews on TV is, that you are primarily showing your good times and less the bad times. So here you concentrate on the strengths โ€“ what’s actually good. ๐Ÿ™‚

My biggest topic this year was wedding photography, again. It’s so nice to see the business growing from year to year, to meet new people and new clients with great weddings!
2017 I could see the market changing from all day to partly wedding day coverage. Of course there is still much of all day coverage, but it seems to decrease from year to year. That’s okay, I don’t have an issue with that. Especially in times where nearly everyone has a digital camera and smartphones that technology gets better and better, anyone has the opportunity to capture wonderful wedding moments on their own. If people are satisfied with that quality – fine. I’m delivering high-quality solutions with an professional approach that goal is to meet the customers expectations on covering their wedding day in way they can re-experiencing it in their future days.

It was a nice year of wedding coverage and I’m really looking forward to 2018 with very cool already signed weddings! ๐Ÿ˜€

2017 began in London. Julia and I had a great time there and welcomed the new year in a foreign country which was symbolic for us in terms of breaking new ground in our life. This year will end and begin at home because home became something wonderful this year. This year showed me that it’s possible to make a living on the countryside in times where a lot of people moving into cities. Digitalization will help us out here on the countryside to make our living from a place where our heart is ingrained.

Also the Quarter-Horse Shooting was a personal highlight for me as it shows also how to live on the countryside. In 2018 I expect more shootings like this.

Travel and photography maybe not that big topic in 2018, but I want to do more picture stories next year.

I will also write posts that give you an insight on photography like this years “Lighting on Location” and “Imitating the Sun Light” insight blog posts that help you to increase your photography skills or just to get ideas and tips.

Well, a fast and compact review, but expect more to come in 2018! ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish all of you a great ending of 2017 and a much better start of 2018!
All the best for 2018!